Nancy Just, MS, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Past Life Soul Regressionist/
In Between Life Soul Regressionist
Certified Astrologer


Nancy Just, Licensed Professional Counselor, Intuitive, takes the traditional psychotherapy session and utilizes her Intuitive abilities along with other healing modalities (astrology, past life/in between life soul regression), when appropriate, in order to guide a session. Nancy has her Master's in traditional psychotherapy and believes that the counseling session can be the most effective when blending the Intuitive healing arts in the counseling session.

The Intuitive counseling process differs from the traditional psychotherapy process, as Nancy utilizes her intuition to guide the session. The primary use of her intuition and Intuitive abilities is not to do predictive Intuitive readings, but rather to help facilitate healing, foster growth, and allow the client to come to their truth.

Past life soul regression and in between life soul regression sessions are also available for one to explore present life concerns (relationships, money, spiritual concerns), that can be healed through past life and in between life exploration. These sessions have been very profound and cathartic for clients.

Because Intuitive counseling naturally addresses existential issues and accesses one's highest self and seeks the truth of one's soul, the intents or purpose of any Intuitive counseling session/ past life or in between life soul regression session is to foster the spiritual healing, growth, and development of each client.